Malwarebytes Antivirus

Protect yourself in real-time, all the time.

Say hello to smarter, safer protection for all your family’s devices. With Malwarebytes, you get AI-powered security with the latest intelligence from our threat detection team. So you can rest easy knowing that we’re finding and crushing hidden threats that traditional antivirus missed. The best part, we do it all without hogging your system’s resources or spamming you with annoying notifications.

BCR Tech Support is your local Malwarebytes authorized re-seller.  We not only trust Malwarebytes for our clients, we use it on our computers as well!  

Malwarebytes includes protection for ransomware, malware, brute force attacks, malicious websites, infected ads, credential stealers, and does it all using 50% less system resources than ever before. 

We are also a Malwarebytes Techbench partner.  We have access to unique, and powerful tools to both diagnose, and keep your PC in perfect shape.  Coupled with our exclusive 20 point tuneup process, you’ll wonder why you ever trusted anyone else with your computer maintenance.